The Freelanzr Manifesto

Building success in the autonomous economy.

If you’re a skeptical freelancer like us, you might be wondering – how can Freelanzr and this chatbot, Lanz, help me in ways that others don’t?

First, let’s back up a step. Freelancing as a full-time career is becoming much more commonplace in today’s business landscape as traditional economic and employment structures become less inviting and as the workforce becomes harder to enter. This is especially the case for recent college grads applying for jobs at a time when the market is saturated so freelancing, as a result, becomes more of a desirable and feasible means of taking control back of one’s work and life.

So, why Freelanzr?

1: CHATBOTS? CHATBOTS. Freelanzr has built the first ever chatbot for freelancers. Because, some of the successful traits of freelancers–being self-motivated, emotionally intelligent, eager to add value, able to handle constructive criticism, and adaptability–don’t necessarily include the ability to manage the sheer amount of logistical activities required to deal with the day-to-day details of freelancing.

Freelanzr is here to exorcise the devil in the details, take care of bookkeeping, invoicing, goal setting, and tracking productivity, and let you get back to focusing on your projects, building relationships, and making your clients happy.

Our free FB Messenger bot is here to help make your life easier.

2: WE UNDERSTAND YOU. Just because Freelanzr is concerned about keeping records and crunching numbers does not mean we don’t have hearts. Quite the opposite: we’re not a website that tells you what to do as a freelancer, we’re a website that is concerned with your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, ensuring you keep connected to the world around you, and enabling you to work towards self-improvement.

We not only understand the labor of the freelancer, we understand the hearts and minds and souls of those who freelance. We understand the draw of late night work sessions and of being able to sit in a coffee shop or around the house in your robe. We also know that for some, freelancing is a part-time gig intended to allow them the chance to indulge their passions and make ends meet.

There’s no such thing as a perfect freelancer, and we aren’t working to fit you into some kind of mold. Instead, we want to help you become the best you.

3: AHEAD OF THE CURVE IN EVERY WAY. We’re not just looking forward, we’re looking all around for industry trends, the very best best-practices, and for economic structures that will determine the way we work (and get to live a better life) for years to come. We’re engaging with this information to develop strategies to help freelancers beat the curve and to provide services that address specific and timely issues. We don’t have some outdated idea of the freelancer and freelancing work, and we understand the future potential of this career and personality type. Because of this, we specifically tailor our site to provide you with the newest and the best resources and services that will enable you to be the best you that you can be.

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