Connect to Your QuickBooks Account and Make Freelancing Easy

Thank you for checking out our chatbot. It was built by freelancers for freelancers. Our goal is to save you time and make you more money with our friendly assistant, Lanz R. Bot. He’s free. So he’s the Free Lanz R. Bot (Get it? Freelanzr bot. Get it?). Currently available on Facebook Messenger but we will be adding him to Slack, and Skype in the coming months.

Here’s what you should know about using Freelanzr and QuickBooks together.

Your information is completely secure and all data is encrypted.  Here’s how to connect to QuickBooks and begin managing your freelancing revenue and accounting data:

  • Step one go to: and say hello to our bot, Lanz
  • Go to the persistent menu in the bottom left corner of your Messenger chat window. It looks like this ->
  • Then click My QuickBooks
  • Verify your account

To disconnect from QuickBooks:

  • Go back to the persistent menu at any time ->
  • Click on Settings
  • Disconnect from QuickBooks

It’s just that easy.

But wait, before you go, there’s so much more you can do with Freelanzr. You can get TIPS for being a better freelancer, set yearly income goals, check out Net and Gross income for the year and how that breaks down by month, view Accounts Receivable, and much more. 

We welcome your feedback and what other features you’d like to have in the comments below. Or, you can also do so on our Facebook page

Say hello to Lanz here. It’s 100% free. ⬇️

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